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The AI Fashion Model
for E-commerce Seller

Using AI models to quickly generate a visually appealing and cost-effective fashion outfit description.

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AI Model photos
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*Statistics compiled from small and medium-sized fashion shops in the SEA and US regions

Outstanding Showcase

Mannequin Photos

Take product image descriptions to the next level with AI Fashion Model.

Generate authentic visuals encompassing a variety of poses.

Traditional Model Photos

Transform available images into amazing product descriptions by AI.

Customize model attributes like body stance, hair hue, skin complexion, and background…  to suit your targeted audience.

KOL Models

Use celebrity or create your own through customized imagery.

Significantly reduce copyright cost for celebrities and KOLs.

Fashion Collection

Guide to creating a perfect fashion collection

Help customers make purchasing decisions more easily when adding accessories to create a eye-catching fashion collection.

How AI Model-driven
visuals enhance product

Many input options
Multiple model style templates
Tailor body, skin, and hair intricately
Flexibility in adding accessories
Diverse range of backgrounds

Modeli Interface Hub

Select gender
Choose template
Add watermark

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